It is incredible how much our lives revolve around finance, from money in our pockets, cash in the bank, loans and mortgages to help us attain the big ticket items. With the advent of the computer age, and thereafter the Internet era, accountancy has witnessed some dramatic developments since the days of handwritten bookkeeping. A new phase is coming. The introduction of the new .ACCOUNTANT generic Top Level Domain (TLD) provides a dedicated space for online accounting resources, where business can be conducted in a trusted setting. Internet users can reach the accountancy information and services they need more easily and securely at .ACCOUNTANT TLD domain than anywhere else on the Internet.

What is the .ACCOUNTANT registry?

With Internet, financial transactions – once upon a time requiring a weekday visit to the bank, the presence of a bank clerk, pen and paper and relevant identification – now frequently take place within seconds, and with just a few clicks of a mouse. With its easily identifiable and memorable TLD domain name, the new .ACCOUNTANT generic Top Level Domain (TLD) brings together a whole spectrum of accounting-related information, products and services in one dedicated space. Trust and security are of course of paramount importance, and owners of the .ACCOUNTANT domain name can rightfully expect security to be a key feature of the domain. In turn, as the use of .ACCOUNTANT TLD augments search engine results, accounting professionals can expect to receive an influx of legitimate traffic to their website. End users are able to trust .ACCOUNTANT TLD as a reliable source of the accounting-related content they need, and will benefit from a range of better choices from which to make their decisions, without having to wade through the clutter that they are faced with elsewhere on the Internet.